My Dreams

I dream of a place

 Where the Name of Allah is always proclaimed

At every corner, and every street

Voices, saying

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!
I dream, of a place,

Where anytime the Adhan is called

Everything stops, everywhere goes silent

And suddenly –

Everyone starts rushing to the mosque

To stand in unity, to worship

Their One True Lord


I dream, of a place,

Where I, and my Muslim sisters

Can cover all of our bodies

Not revealing even a nail-

Fearing none, but Allah
 I dream, of a place 

Where we would walk in the streets

With honor, dignity and pride

With our hijabs flowing around us

And no eye would dare treason

And no one would harm us

Instead, every arm,

 becomes our guard
 I dream, of a place

Where there is no rich or poor

Where everyone gives abundantly

With no miserliness or corruption
 I dream, of a place

Where I, and my sisters

Are proud and honored to be the ones to raise the next generation,

As in our hands,

Lies the state of the future Ummah
 I dream, of a place

With no backbiting, lying, cursing or slandering

I dream of a place,

Where the only One who is feared is Allah

I dream, of a place,

Where everyone guides each other to the straight path

I dream, of a place,

The ideal Muslim society


But like every dream


They are only just…


Well… I simply want to say that I’m back, in sha Allah, for good. So I’ll try my best to be constant with my posts. Thank you for being patient with me. And this is my first poem, alhamdulillah. Hope you like it.

Your friend,

Khayra x


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