A Letter to My Little Brother

My dear brother, I know that this may seem absurd to you, that I am composing such a long message just to address you, but I do it because if I really love someone, I give them something from the heart, something that cannot be bought, something priceless. And in this case, my gift to you is my writing, personally crafted for you. And so I beg you, to accept a piece of my heart.

We’ve grown up together , as our parents gave us each other. We’ve fought, argued, befriended, abused, beaten, each other, but most importantly, we’ve had our backs, and made sure that no one came between us, not even our parents.

And as I’ve grown, I’ve come to realize that there’s no greater bond in this life, than a brother -sister bond, especially if the parents gave birth to only both of them, as we are partners that practically grew up together, knowing our secrets, flaws and strengths. We are partners whose relationship never get broken (i.e. no divorce), never changes (i.e. nothing like best friends to marriage partners) as Allah specially picked us from birth, to always be together.

And now I write this, to ask for your forgiveness for anything I may have done to harm you, to displease you, or to cause you to be angry at me. I definitely know that after this, we would fight over one stupid thing or the other, but I want us -as we’ve always done- to not give it much thought, as our fights are always meaningless, and anything we say to each other while we’re angry are things we don’t mean.

I also write this letter to remind you of the main reason we are alive, as you are the one most deserving of my reminders -to worship Allah. As a Muslim, one of our foremost duties is to call people to Islam. Allah said that on judgment day, our friends and family would blame us for not reminding them about Islam, and the hereafter. They would say that if only we told them about Allah, they would have believed, and Allah would punish us for that. And the best gift you can give anyone, is that guidance to Islam.

So as my beloved, I’ll try my best to keep reminding you of our purpose in life.

My brother, please take your prayers seriously. Hold on to your salat, as they are the most important part of the deen. Also, hold on to that book called the Qur’an. You need to always read the English translation even if it is just a verse or two per day -this does wonders in helping you to remember Allah. Remember to always do good deeds in order to increase them on your Scale. You need to count them yourself in order for you to be conscious of it; one letter of the Qur’an -one good deed. One congregational prayer -70 good deeds. You lie -1 bad deed. Count them like that, so you’ll be conscious of how many you have done. Finally, most importantly, always, always ask Allah for forgiveness. Bad deeds are easy to wipe out with istigfar, accumulating them without repenting is what causes problems. Everyday, every time, everywhere -say your istigfar.

Be sincere, my dear, in everything that you do. Always remember to do everything in life for only Allah. This world is short and temporary, and the hereafter is everlasting. A Muslim would continue to be tried until he dies, so it doesn’t make sense to falsely enjoy yourself here, and suffer for eternity in the hereafter. Try your best to be patient during your trials and remember that Allah uses trials to increase your scale of good deeds.

I beg you, my love, to heed to all what I’ve written here and ignore all my mistakes. May Allah continue to give you the best in this dunya (this life) and keep a whole lot of better for you in the akirah (the hereafter). Ameen.

Your sister,



9 thoughts on “A Letter to My Little Brother

  1. The Indian Revert Muslimah says:

    I had in read in Tafseer Ibn Katheer and tafseer As-Sa’di of Surah Saba, about the pillars of being thankful for a blessing (ne’mat) to Allah.
    1) accepting the blessing whole heartedly
    2) accept it with knowledge that we are dependant on Allah fr this blessing
    3) utilize the blessing for serving Allah
    4) abstain from using it in a prohibited manner
    When I was reading this, It really struck me that my family is my greatest blessing. And how else could I express my gratitude except by pushing them to worship Allah better and better

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