What My Hijab Means To Me

Pic credit @ahmed_tailor_london 

The hijab

Reminds me that I’m a servant of Allah

Fulfilling His commands

And avoiding His prohibitions


The hijab isn’t just a scarf

It is all of my clothing

What i choose to cover myself with

From head to toe

It is my character and manners

How I  treat people and

How much I value my relationships

It’s  my attitude and my speech

How much I show Islam in just a simple gesture

And a kind speech

It is my uniform

That I proudly wear

To show that I am a representative of Islam

Of peace -which my deen(religion) preaches


The hijab reminds me of my rights

Granted by this pure religion

To me as a woman

1400 years ago

That I am not just an object

To be bought and sold

But that I am a human being

With intellect and sound mind

With the ability to identify truth and falsehood


And No! People,

I am not oppressed

Nor am I blind follower of my deen

Instead the very Qur’an you look down upon

Challenges me and you

To think

In surah Al-Muminoon, ayah 115

And ponder upon

Whether Allah has created us in play

Without any purpose

And whether we would not

Be brought back to Him


My hijab

Protects me

From evil people

With bad intentions to hurt me


My hijab

Shows people

That I am a respectable Muslim woman

That does not listen to vile speech, or immoral talk


My hijab

Shows them

That I wouldn’t tolerate

Any from of disrespect from them


My hijab

Helps me

To maintain

A connection

With my Lord

12 thoughts on “What My Hijab Means To Me

  1. Ibitoye Esther says:

    Good day people, I’m not a Muslim but I really like this especially the part of “To me as a woman…with the ability to identify truth and falsehood”.
    Go Khayra❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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